Duviel Gonzalez has been sentenced to six months in jail plus five years of probation last Wednesday for posting pictures where he threatened to kill students at Marathon High School.

South Florida people and American society had suffered enough because of the horror that Parkland shooting caused last Saint Valentine’s day. However, this guy from the Keys, increased terror in the state threatening his former high school on Instagram just three days after Parkland’s massacre.

Gonzalez was arrested last Feb.17th and had a bond of $77,500 after being charged with a felony for his threats. He will get credit for 166 days that he has already served in prison since his arrest.

Duviel Gonzalez was arrested the same day he posted the pictures after many people who had seen them called authorities.

One of the three threatening photos that Gonzalez had posted last February on Instagram were about five guns. Another one showed a white male with a rifle and his face covered, with a caption that said: “Round 2 of Florida tomorrow.”

“I will never do it again. I never intended to do it”, Gonzalez told the judge, according to the Miami Herald.

The 20-year-old man also has to stay away from all schools in the Florida Keys. But not only that, he won’t be able to use social media either and his cell phone will only be allowed to work and to call his family.

Gonzalez did not plead contest to threatening to kill someone or to injure physically and misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

Both Gonzalez and his attorney, William Heffernan, accepted the plea deal. However, they asked to release Gonzalez from a criminal conviction on his record, but judge Ruth Becker rejected their request.

“He is committed to demonstrating he can live a law-abiding life,” Heffernan said. “He’s never been in trouble before this.”

There is a second-degree felony that Gonzalez was charged which is punished with up to 15 years.

His family and some supporters asked the judge for mercy. His mother, Juliana Prats, said: “I just want him home”.

State Attorney Dennis Ward, Sheriff Rick Ramsay, Schools Superintendent Mark Porter and school board member John Dick attended the sentencing hearing at the Marathon county courthouse that took place last Wednesday.