Florida school shooting suspect, Nikolas Cruz is set for a status hearing on Tuesday, January-08-19 in regard to the school shooting that killed seventeen (17) people in 2018,

According to the USA Today, the hearing will likely deal with procedural motions at the Courthouse since there are many months to go before the trial. A trial has not been decided. Prosecutor Jeff Marcus, however, is aiming for a September date stating that “the case is fairly uncomplicated despite its magnitude”.

However, Judge Scherer is not ready because of claims from Cruz’s lawyers saying that they still need to review evidence and interview witnesses.The judge has been monitoring the release of evidence and attorney interviews and of potential witnesses.

The defendant is faced with first-degree murder and also attempted murder charges for the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.
The shooting occurred on Valentine’s Day 2018. The prosecutors are seeking the death penalty while the 20-year old has indicated that he will plead guilty in exchange for a life sentence.