A Washington man said that his truck was set on fire after he had left it overnight at a local bar, because of the Trump bumper stickers he had placed on his vehicle.

According to the USA Today, the man, Johnny Mackay, reported that after having a few drinks with his colleagues Sunday night, he was intoxicated and couldn’t get behind the wheels of his Truck. As such, Mackay subsequently decided to leave his truck outside the Garage Bar and Grille in Vancouver, with the intentions of recollecting it the following day, in one piece.

However, the truck was said to have had two bumper stickers that show support for President Donald Trump’s current position and reelection. The first sticker reads “TRUMP 2020” while the second says “TRUMP: KEEP MERICA GREAT”.

Nevertheless, Mackay returned early Monday to find his truck torched.

“It took me by surprise. It blew me away,” he said.

Upon seeing “Trump” spray painted at the side of his now burnt vehicle, Mackay was confident that the fire was intentional, and that of an enemy of the Trump Administration.

The KOIN News reported that the only available footage was that of a neighbor of the bar, located North of Portland, who ran outside after hearing the explosion and began filming.

Mackay added that he did not even vote for Trump, but still give his support because he is the president, which shouldn’t matter. The Vancouver man further lamented that the truck was “completely melted” and a light bar on top was “liquefied”.

Officials are conducting an investigation into the matter.