Issues with the new cell phone application for announcing the aftereffects of the significant Iowa Democratic council could postpone the include of the votes this evening in the bellwether challenge.

Area seats over the Hawkeye State experienced issues downloading or signing into the application, one of the ways they’re ready to send the outcomes from their littler, individual assemblies to the Iowa Democratic Party, as per Bloomberg News.

“We are experiencing some issues in terms of people being able to load and connect with the app for their precinct reporting,” Bret Nilles, the administrator of the Linn County Democratic Party, told the outlet.

The seats can in any case transfer their outcomes to the state party by means of a bring in telephone number, however the application was planned to speed up the counting.

A potential logjam made by party seats calling the hotline could postpone the outcomes by a couple of hours, as indicated by Bloomberg, yet a representative for the IDP said that they aren’t worried by the disaster.

“The IDP is working with any precinct chairs who want to use the optional tabulation application to make sure they are comfortable with it,” said Mandy McClure in a statement. “We’ve always been aware that many precinct chairs prefer to call in results via a secure hotline, and have systems in place so they can do so.”

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders heads into the designating challenge with a thin lead in the state survey over previous Vice President Joe Biden.