Establishment of Public Health Dean Prof Dr Zarfishan Tahir Thursday said no logical verification of adequacy of onion and garlic squeezes in counteraction of coronavirus is found, however a fair eating regimen and great clean conditions can give security against the infection.

Tending to a mindfulness course on coronavirus, they said individuals experiencing vent, hack with fever should wear veil, use tissue-papers while wheezing/hacking to forestall others.

The IPH would proceed with its job in advancing general wellbeing mindfulness and counteraction of illnesses, they included.

Dr Zarfishan said that coronavirus was not another infection, however it has changed its shape. She said that individual cleanliness and preventive measures could assist one with shielding from the infection.

They said that standard hand-washing and utilization of good eating regimen improve resistance level against the contamination.

The wellbeing master said that the IPH had just given important rules for counteraction from the infection.

They said the IPH would likewise utilize the media channels of Virtual University to scatter wellbeing messages to masses.

They said that the IPH had likewise bestowed preparing to ace mentors of the showing medical clinics on the best way to utilize individual assurance hardware (PPE) by specialists, attendants while dealing with a tainted individual.

Dr Huda told the workshop members that there was no particular eating regimen for coronavirus patients, they could utilize meat, vegetables and organic products. She said that there was disinformation being spread on the internet based life that meat was damaging to wellbeing for such patients.

They said that individuals ought not pay any notice to the theories/disinformation being spread through the media. Individuals ought not utilize anti-infection prescriptions and ‘totkas’ to maintain a strategic distance from coronavirus.

Dr Anjum Razzaq, Dr Sumyya, Dr Nadia Mukhtaar and Dr Rukhsana Hameed likewise talked on the event.