While the internet has now become the backbone of global and personal communications, it has also become an ever-expanding playground for scammers and others with ill intent, who often manoeuvre their way through the web with the help of fake social media profiles, among other things.

With literally dozens of heartbreaking cases unravelling each week, by victims who have either lost their cash, their hearts or their sense of purpose behind persons with a fake social media profile, the global IT community have been spending millions of dollars each year to find an effective solution to the problem.

But after years of major disappointments, it would seem that the problem would soon become a thing of the past. This is because a South African Behavioral Software Developer – Safeteria, has found a working solution to the problem, and which tech analyst says is at least 90% effective.

At a brief virtual media presentation in which at least ten mainstream journalists were invited, preliminary independent tests by each journalist have demonstrated that the Safeteria App has the capability to effectively analyze the credibility of a Facebook profile, while almost accurately identifying those profiles that were fake.

In a subsequent press brief, the Johannesburg based tech company explained that they are still tidying up certain elements of the App, which is scheduled to be launched in beta state globally, on March 1, 2018.

Upon its launch, the company says that the App will be accessible from its official web portal at Safeteria.com, and can also be downloaded from the iOS and PlayStore.