An essential piece of many Ring security frameworks has all the earmarks of being on the cusp of a significant update. Dave Zatz has shared a picture of what has all the earmarks of being an updated Chime Pro, Ring’s module WiFi extender and speaker crossover. It’s unmistakably increasingly rich, with what resembles a texture speaker spread and no obvious reception apparatuses – at the end of the day, it never again takes after an old infant screen. There’s additionally a prominent blue light that recommends it may incorporate Alexa, as well. While the Amazon voice collaborator’s quality is a long way from ensured, it’d bode well on the off chance that you needed to control your doorbell or camera without purchasing a shrewd speaker or utilize your phone.

Ring hasn’t affirmed anything at this stage, in spite of the fact that The picture agreed with a picture from a FCC petitioning for the new Chime Pro.

It’s indistinct when Ring may present the new model. It may bode well to present the second-age Chime Pro at CES, however we wouldn’t rely on that. It’s additionally conceivable that Amazon and Ring may hold on to stay away from the surge of declarations at the public exhibition and help the new model stick out.