A 29-year-old Florida man is now in police custody facing a murder charge after he allegedly punched his 7-week-old daughter and then squeezed her until she lost consciousness.

According to police reports, the authorities responded to a report of an unresponsive child on the evening of Saturday November 17th. Upon arrival at the child’s home, they found that 7-week-old Gwendolyn Eydelman was not breathing, and that she was left in her father’s care while her mother was at work.

The report further lamented that Gwendolyn’s father, Artem Eydelman, initially told police officials that he fed the baby and placed her in her bassinet before falling asleep. Some fifteen minutes later he returned to check on the child and found that she was not breathing; in an unconscious state, and as such, he immediately called a family member and 911.

However, detectives said that during the investigation, they found several inconsistencies in Eydelman’s story.

They added that Gwendolyn suffered a severe skull fracture, brain bleeding and numerous rib fractures before her death on November 19th.

As such, police believe that Eydelman hit his daughter in the rib and squeezed her midsection until she lost consciousness.

Pinellas County Sherriff’s officials said in an email that Artem Eydelman was arrest on Monday, a week after Gwendolyn’s death.

Following his arrest, he admitted to police that he punched the baby in the head while changing her diaper. He also reportedly admitted to shaking the baby and squeezing her in frustration before calling 911.

Nevertheless, Deputies say that Eydelman is not the baby’s biological father, but he did sign the birth certificate. The baby’s mother said she met Eydelman when she was three months pregnant with Gwendolyn, and he signed the birth certificate after she was born.

However, a lawyer isn’t listed on jail records for Eydelman.