The Prime Minister of Australia is fighting to save his job against his Cabinet colleague Peter Dutton, who is standing against him for the Prime Ministerial leadership amid slumping poll ratings.

Unidentified sources within the ongoing closed-door meeting in Canberra on Tuesday, said that Dutton will take on Turnbull in a ballot Liberal Party lawmakers.

The 63-year-old Prime minister has struggled for political authority since his Liberal-National coalition retained office in the 2016 election, by a diaphanous margin.

Turnbull’s growing leadership and his authority were wounded in the past week, following the demands of backbench lawmakers for more support for the coal industry, through tactics of voting against a key energy policy. They requested that the government abandons its Paris Agreement in emissions target.

However, with elections due by May, the government has begun trailing the main opposition Labour party in opinion polls.
The Australia nation was tipped into a renewed period of political chaos and revolving-door leadership by the leadership votes.

An estimated five prime Ministers were switched since 2007, creating a little change in early Sydney trading in Australia.