Nairobi, 23 June 2018 – Saying ‘no’ and protecting themselves against sexual assault is important. At least that is what Kenyan school girls are being taught.

They are being given self-defense training to guard themselves against any form of assault, and are also being trained on how to report a sexual assault.

The training is being offered in areas where attacks have been more prominent.

A teacher of the training school told reporters that “we want to equip girls with skills to protect themselves whenever they get into an assault situation”.

They are being taught various tactical skills like-hitting hard on the throat, using their fingers to hit the assaulter in their eyes, and stomping on his or her feet.

Ever since the training program was launched a number of female participants expressed satisfaction at what they are being taught.

“I have learned that my voice can also be a weapon by shouting, since it can stop an assailant from harassing me……I should not be ashamed of naming the weapon with which the assailant has assaulted me with”, said one student.

Apart from girls, the self-defense training also has a flip side, which is intended to impart to boys, a culture of mutual respect for the girls, since they are a part of this problem.

According to a study published in 2010 by the UN Children’s Fund, nearly one-third of the girls population and 18% of boys face sexual assaults before they turn 18.