London, June 24 – Britan released its residential plans for the European Union citizens living in the United Kingdom even after Brexit on Thursday. They promised to have an easy system for those planning to continue their stay.

There were several doubts surrounding the fate of 3 million EU citizens that are currently residing in Britain.

Sajid Javid, UK’s Home Secretary said that the procedure would be “simple and straightforward”, and some will be designed in such a way that EU citizens could live in the UK indefinitely.

He promised that they will focus more on letting them stay rather than refusing to grant them a stay.

The scheme suggests that the EU citizens who have been living in the UK continuously for a period of five years will be given a settled status and they will enjoy the right to education, work, and stay as they did before.

This scheme will be valid for their close relatives as well as- spouses, children, parents, and grandchildren.

People who will be staying till December 31, 2020, but has not met the criteria for the five-year scheme will be given a pre-settled status.

Officials said that the scheme will be ready by the end of this year and will continue until June 2021.

Those who will be applying will simply have to prove their residency and identity in the UK, in addition to not having a serious criminal record.

There will be around 1500 staffs working on this project, which will operate online or through dedicated smartphone apps.

Cost of each application will be 65 pounds ($85), and 32.50 pounds for children.

However, Maike Bohn, from the 3million group which campaigns on behalf of EU citizens living in the UK, told BBC TV they wanted further reassurances.